Friday, March 6, 2009

Cheap Airfare, Cheap Flights, Cheap Service...

Today cost means a lot, especially with this economy. When it comes to traveling cost its important, but how important? Last year I paid $350 to travel roundtrip from Los Angeles to New York City in March. Of course I decided to go for the cheapest option i could find. I booked my ticket and waited for my confirmation. As soon as I got it I thought, wow that was pretty cheap. Then after realizing I had booked the wrong date, I called in. That was where my wow went to woes. I was left to explain my clumsyness to someone who didn't even understand me. It was a language barrier. I soon realized that I was talking to a call center that was outsourced. It cost me my time, and money just to get the issue resolved. I guess that's why the price was soo cheap?

This is a very common senario in the travel industry. More than 85% of all call centers within the travel industry are outsourced. So why it that? It's cheaper to operate. The problem is that even with all their cheap prices, their service is cheap, and it shows. Have you ever had an issue with calling an airline directly. They are rude, cold, or just don't understand what you are saying. This is why people book with travel agents.

Well, now there is no more reason to worry. With, you can book easily, get that same cheap price, and best of all if you have a problem or question you'll get the luxury of speaking with professional travel agents speciailized to assit you. We do not outsource our call centers for this exact reason. The communication between you and Queertrip is clear and unmatched by any in the undustry. Try us out and see why we are the best gay travel company out there.


  1. Last year when I was going on a vacation with a couple of family members. I had the luxury of purchasing our airline tickets, so I gave the airline representative the names and when I received my confirmation I realized that the agent spelled my cousin's name wrong, I quickly called the airline and got a woman named "Sunshine" from Mumbai. "Sunshine" could barley speak English so it was difficult for me to explain to her that their agent messed up and I am calling back the same day to get the name fixed, "Sunshine" advice me in horrible broken English that I could get the name change for $125, there was no way I was going to pay that. I was already frustrated to I asked to speak to a Supervisor, that was when I got transferred to Veronica located in the only way I can speak to someone who knows what they are doing is if their outsourced agents doesn't understand the problem since they can barley understand English and if you ask them a question that isn't in their script, they are lost...what a waste of my time because in the end "Sunshine" did not know the policy and I was able to get my cousin's name changed FOR NO FEE, but I had to waste my time and energy because majority of the airlines are to cheap to pay American, English speaking Citizen's who are more fit for the job since COMMUNICATION is key. seems to want to be able to understand and work with their customers to give us the best customer service that I know I deserve.

  2. I used to be a very satisfied user of online booking agencies, that is untill I had a situation very much like the one described above. Service.....HAHAHAHHAHA.....there was no service, the person I was speaking to was only listening to "key" phrases and was not even able to help me. After that time I promised myself "that extra buck or two you save booking with a company that cant help I JUST NOT WORTH IT". Since then I have used several " online" services to book travel, the only difference is I call them first to see what the service MAY be like. BTW I called and was pleased to have spoken with someone here in the U.S. Not only did the agent I speak with get me a great deal on a hotel in Boston, but the site actually helped me find a couple bars to go to...

  3. I can vouch for Queertrip being US based!
    The founders are All American Guys!
    With ALL AMERICAN Values! Pinches their cheeks! Love you guys!
    Love the site!