Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Travel or not to Travel?

When thinking about travel during these tough economic times, many travelers are either putting off their trips, or budgeting for cheaper trips. Even though times are tougher, that shouldn't prevent you from finding the best travel deals out there.

At we have found many suppliers are introducing specials and deals to encourage travelers to buy. Take Jetblue for instance. They just released sale fares from across the country for as little as $39 one way. With deals and specials on the rise to entice travelers to book, how can you pass up on these offers. In Las Vegas, travel is down, but the prices have come down too. What used to be an average weekend of $1500, is now running well below $1000. Now that's amazing! Deals like these can be found all across the travel sector. So the question remains, to travel or not to travel?


  1. With the economy not doing so well, I still believe, if you need to travel, then you have to travel, but i know that if i am going to pay the fees that these other websites are going to charge, i would rather deal with people who understand my lifestyle and have a sense of what i like. has the right idea of what i like and places that interest me and i feel safe and confident with booking at queertrip!

  2. I love traveling, if I could I would quit my job and just travel the world, but I know that is not possible, but with great services and reviews of bars, clubs and destinations, oh and did I mention the fabulous prices, how could I not travel using a website like Queertrip.