Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Opening Statement


I am Jeremy Bryant, CEO of Queertrip.com. Queertrip.com was created to provide the LGBT community with gay and lesbian travel information in an easy to use web site. Queertrip.com comprises of a dedicated staff of family and friends, and is gay owned and operated. At Queertrip.com we recognize the need to give back to the community. That is why we donate a portion of every booking made on Queertrip.com to charities within the LGBT community. It's the way you travel!

Jermy Bryant

Welcome to Queertrip.com!

Who we are:

Queertrip.com is the newest way to book gay and lesbian travel. Established in June 2008, Queertrip.com consists of dedicated LGBT travel specialists teamed up to bring you the best gay and lesbian travel worldwide. Queertrip.com is gay owned and operated. Our goal is to make travel better and easier for the gay and lesbian traveler. At Queertrip.com, we believe in giving back to the LGBT community, so that’s why we are giving back a portion of the proceeds to LGBT charities.

Why we’re different:

What sets Queertrip.com apart from other gay and lesbian travel sites? Our technology, service, and user friendly web site allows users to search every airfare, hotel, car, and cruise company available.

Best of all, you’ll find all the gay and lesbian travel information on destinations including gay owned and operated hotels, bars and clubs, attractions, shopping, restaurants, and more all in one conveniently located site.

What we can do:

Queertrip.com searches for fares listed in the GDS’s (Global Distribution Systems), negotiated contracted rates, sale fares, as well as web fares on the internet. Our search engine finds them all in one easy to use system delivering you all the fares.

At Queertrip.com, we believe it’s the way you travel!

Thanks for visiting!

Share Your Queertrip

At Queertrip.com, we welcome our guests to share and comment on your travel experiences. Review hotels and bed and breakfasts’ to clubs and bars and everything in between. We recommend keeping a travel journal or jotting down memorable notes from your trip to share your experiences with your friends, family, and the world. Your notes can be of great help to others considering LGBT travel.

Share your Queertrip is the best way to share your trip with everyone by helping other travelers with real reviews, pictures, and advice from real people who’ve experienced it. At Queertrip.com, we hope everyone can share their trip with the world. It's the way you travel!

Please feel free to send us any comments, reviews, pictures, stories, tips or advice in en effort to help the gay and lesbian travel community.

You can also share comments directly on our website by clicking here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giving Back

Gay travel, lesbian travel and LGBT Family travel account for over 65 billion dollars in revenue a year. We here at Queertrip.com believe that some of that revenue should be given back to the LGBT community. No matter if you are booking a gay travel vacation or just booking that flight or hotel for work, Queertrip will give a percentage of the proceeds to quality LGBT organizations working to better our community. (Click Here)