Wednesday, March 25, 2009

San Francisco here we come! will be visiting the city by the bay, San Francisco, this weekend. We will be in the city to help promote our web site and get our name out there. Our team of travel specialists will be on the streets passing out flyers, going to bars and clubs to promote, visiting hotels and bed & breakfasts that cater to gay and lesbian travelers, and meeting people on the streets to get the word out. If you see us, please stop by and help us!! We are always looking for volunteers to help us promote.

We will be taking photos, vidoes, writing reviews, and sharing our San Francisco trip on our web site and blog. Check out where we go, who we meet, and what we do when we visit the gay mecca San Francisco. Share your next Queertrip at and help other gay and lesbian travelers with reviews, advice, tips, and anything else.

It's the way you travel!

Travel and Give Back

When you purchase airline tickets with, you are donating to LGBT charities in the LGBT community. A portion of every airline booking goes towards helping the LGBT community. So next time you decide to travel, purchase your tickets from

At, we believe it's the way you travel that defines who you are. Together we can make a difference.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Airlines Keeping Prices Cheap

According to recent reports from ARC (Airlines Recording Company) airline ticket prices are the cheapest they've been in years. So why?

Last summer the airlines were reeling from the prices of oil with prices getting as high at $147 per barrel. Ever since this scare, the airlines have begun cutting flights, adding fees for just about everything, and cutting back on anything they could, all just to save a few bucks. While most airlines in 2008 lost money, the oil scare of 2008 helped the airlines reduce expenses and capacity just in time to watch the economy implode. As the economy suffered, the airlines were actually turning a profit due to the capacity cuts and fees implemented last year.

Since the airlines were luckily set back with oil, they ultimately dodged the bigger bullet, the economy. While most businesses are struggling to get by, the airlines are doing better then ever. Demand is up since capacity has been cut! With all this going on, the airlines are helping travelers by lowering fares. This year I've seen incredible deals all over. Deals that you normally would not find.

Most major airlines have introduced sale fares and discounts just the encourage travelers to travel. To top that, most hotels and destinations are also feeling the effects of the economy and have been aggressively trying to get capacity up. A good example is Las Vegas, where mostly all hotels have seen dramatic decreases in volume. Right now, they can't even give the rooms away because there are not enough visitors.

With everything that is going on, the airlines, hotels, car rental companies, destinations, and just about everyone else associated in the travel industry, travelers should have no trouble finding great deals to just about anywhere. Take advantage of the times and travel!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gay Friendly

What does it mean to be gay friendly? A lot of companies today are using the term gay-friendly, but why? What does this mean?

Gay friendly is a term used which refers to places, policies, people, or institutions that actively seek to create an environment friendly towards LGBT people. Often the term gay friendly is used to attract the LGBT consumer in showing that it is accepting of LGBT people.

The problem is that this term just continues to degrade what the LGBT community has continuously fought against. Why is it that business' don't use the term "black friendly?" The reason is because that would seem offensive. Right? Well the same can be said for gay friendly.

Some people may argue that by labeling a place gay friendly it enables the LGBT consumer to identify which place, policy, people, or institution is accepting of LGBT people. I totally understand that, and I think that is a great thing, however why is it only within the LGBT community that this exists?

I think the time has come to stop discriminating against the LGBT community. There needs to be a U.S. law that enforces the fairness and equality to all, no matter race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, etc... Especially now that we have a new President in Obama, who should stand for all people.

This is America, a country that was founded on equality for all.

Unique Places to stay the night

Most of the time we travel; we try and spend as much of our time outside the hotel room, exploring the sights and sounds of a new destination. These hotels/B&B’s will have you smiling as you investigate the unusual rooms and unique accommodations.

Madonna Inn - San Luis Obispo, CA
This hotel in central California has 110 rooms that are decorated differently. Choose from themes such as caveman, antique cars, Holland Dutch, Imperial Heaven, and Matterhorn to name a few. Did we mention to world famous waterfall urinal in the men’s room?

The Liberty Hotel - Boston, MA
An old prison has been transformed into a luxury hotel in Boston. Don’t let the brick walls and iron bars fool you, this hotel is extremely stylish and features cutting edge interior design.

Northern Rail B&B - Two Harbors, MN
Spend the night in a stationary train car that has been outfitted with furniture, beds, and plumbing. Following with the theme, guests check-in at the lobby which has the look and feel of a train depot. Now you just have to choo-choo-choose which train car to spend the night in.

Hilton Waikoloa Village - Kona, HI
Check in at the lobby, and then wait for the boat shuttle to transport you to your room. If you are afraid of the open ocean, but would love to see the marine life up close and personal, then snorkel in their four acre secluded lagoon.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven -Parthenon, AR
You don’t have to be Batman to spend the night in a cave. This estate, which is built into a rock cliff, features 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, game room, rock waterfall, and more. Prices for reserving the Cave Haven are pretty reasonable considering you can include up to 10 guests.

To book any of these unique rooms, contact us at

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cheap Airfare, Cheap Flights, Cheap Service...

Today cost means a lot, especially with this economy. When it comes to traveling cost its important, but how important? Last year I paid $350 to travel roundtrip from Los Angeles to New York City in March. Of course I decided to go for the cheapest option i could find. I booked my ticket and waited for my confirmation. As soon as I got it I thought, wow that was pretty cheap. Then after realizing I had booked the wrong date, I called in. That was where my wow went to woes. I was left to explain my clumsyness to someone who didn't even understand me. It was a language barrier. I soon realized that I was talking to a call center that was outsourced. It cost me my time, and money just to get the issue resolved. I guess that's why the price was soo cheap?

This is a very common senario in the travel industry. More than 85% of all call centers within the travel industry are outsourced. So why it that? It's cheaper to operate. The problem is that even with all their cheap prices, their service is cheap, and it shows. Have you ever had an issue with calling an airline directly. They are rude, cold, or just don't understand what you are saying. This is why people book with travel agents.

Well, now there is no more reason to worry. With, you can book easily, get that same cheap price, and best of all if you have a problem or question you'll get the luxury of speaking with professional travel agents speciailized to assit you. We do not outsource our call centers for this exact reason. The communication between you and Queertrip is clear and unmatched by any in the undustry. Try us out and see why we are the best gay travel company out there.

What does travel mean to you?

What does travel mean to you? To many of us travel means a vacation or maybe visiting family or friends. Maybe travel is business or an event that you just can't miss. Whatever travel means, it should not result in a headache or stress from finding what you want. Too many times I find a travel web site where I am being put on a roller coaster going through loops just to get to the end, my confirmation. Why is it that most travel web sites swamp their visitors with tons and tons of options for which delay and impede the process. I remember back to being a kid when my teacher used to tell me "keep it simple, stupid!" This can't be more true when it comes to travel.

Travel should be fun and exciting, even if it is for the most serious of occasions. When I travel, I am just happy to be some place new. Somewhere I have never been before. At, we keep it simple so you don't have to stress. Our booking process is the easiest on the web, and we pride ourselves on keeping it simple and easy. Travel can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. So what does travel mean to you?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cruises' being added online!

We are working very hard on getting our cruise content up online. Currently, visitors can send us an e-mail to inquire about cruises, but this weekend will be launching its Cruises section. What visitors can expect to find are all the gay and lesbian cruises from all the major suppliers like Atlantis, Olivia, RSVP, and Aquafest. Visitors will be able to view all the cruises being offered for the upcoming year. This is an exciting step in building our web site to be the most comprehensive gay and lesbian travel web site on the internet. So when will your next cruise be?

It's the way you travel!


Miami is many things. It’s a convergence of cultures, synchronized and communicating. It’s a dramatic locale where the sun brightly shines. It’s a playground for the fearless, the high-spirited, the life- loving, and the elegant. It’s where people of every background dig in and generate passion. And, it’s one of the hottest spots in the gay universe for hospitality and a sexy, sun-splashed vibe.

For more than a decade, Miami has been rolling out the welcome mat for gay men and lesbians from around the world. Sophisticated and seductive South Beach rocks with a sizzling array of very gay-friendly and specifically gay-oriented lodgings, restaurants and nightspots. And it all shifts into overdrive when Miami hosts three of the planet’s foremost “circuit” events: late November’s White Party, March’s Winter Party, and Aqua Girl Weekend in May.

Check out what Miami has to offer at

To Travel or not to Travel?

When thinking about travel during these tough economic times, many travelers are either putting off their trips, or budgeting for cheaper trips. Even though times are tougher, that shouldn't prevent you from finding the best travel deals out there.

At we have found many suppliers are introducing specials and deals to encourage travelers to buy. Take Jetblue for instance. They just released sale fares from across the country for as little as $39 one way. With deals and specials on the rise to entice travelers to book, how can you pass up on these offers. In Las Vegas, travel is down, but the prices have come down too. What used to be an average weekend of $1500, is now running well below $1000. Now that's amazing! Deals like these can be found all across the travel sector. So the question remains, to travel or not to travel?

Kimpton Supports PFLAG

Kimpton Hotels is supporting PFLAG this March with an offer that supports the organization and rewards you for your support. Book a room at any Kimpton Hotel this March and use rate code "LAG" and receive 10% the best available internet rate and Kimpton will donate $10 per night to PFLAG.

To reserve, contact
(some restrictions and black-out dates do apply).

Massachusetts Launches LGBT Tourism Microsite

The Massachusetts Office of the Travel and Tourism has announced the launch of its new web site dedicated to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender travelers. The site was launched to attract and welcome incoming visitation from the LGBT market segment and is a continued affirmation that Massachusetts is a welcoming destination to everyone.

Massachusetts is open and welcoming to all visitors and the acceptance of same-sex marriage is ample proof,” said Besty Wall, executive director of The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.

“In 2004, Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage and is currently one of only two states to extend marriage privileges to same-sex couples. Marriage information is available on the site, as well as extensive information on events and activities, destinations and travel information that may interest the LGBT traveler.”

According to Community Marketing, Inc. (a San Francisco LGBT market research firm), $70 billion was spent in the U.S. by LGBT travelers.

For more information about the new site, visit