Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buying an Airline Ticket? Remember, spelling counts

Have you been elected to book a friends getaway trip this summer? When booking your airline tickets, keep this quick tip in mind for a hassle free travel experience: know the full, legal names as they appear on their photo identification.

You may know your friends as Chuck, Trish, Lizzy and Ed. Does the government know them as Charles, Patricia, Elizabeth, and Edward? How well do you know your friends – you might just learn that Henry is a middle or nick name for Percival Harold. Planning a stress-free trip begins with gathering correct name information before booking:

1. Gather names as they appear on photo identification before booking.
2. Watch for typos when booking online – double and triple check typing skills and verify name spelling before clicking on the final purchase button.
3. Review the confirmation email carefully – the minute it’s delivered to your inbox. Contact the airline or booking agency immediately should you spot a typo.
4. Get a second set of eyes – forward the email confirmation to your traveling companions and include a note to have them check name spelling.

Use these tips for honeymoon planning especially if the trip is a surprise gift. Will the bride-to-be have her name changed on her driver’s license and passport before departure, or will she be keeping her maiden name? By verifying the name before booking – the surprise will be the trip, not the issues and heartaches of getting a name corrected or even denied boarding!

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