Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Tops World’s LGBT Holiday Wishlist?

By AJ Allen via: lezgetreal May 12, 2011

According to figures released by Out Now Global 2020 study, 10 May, New York is top of the world’s gay holiday wish list.

The study, carried out from a mix of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people, in ten languages from eighteen countries, showed that the Big Apple beat famously gay-friendly destinations including Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco.

LGBT travelers were asked where they would most like to visit in the next three years, with the results showing Sydney placed second and Rio third.

Despite being a firm favorite of LGBT travelers from Europe, North America and Australia, London was only placed sixth. Out Now Consulting saw that the huge aspiration for South Americans to visit Paris contributed to it trumping the British capital to become Europe’s top LGBT destination.

France also edged past Spain and England to become the second-most in demand country for gay tourists globally, just behind top spot the USA.

LGBT Top Destinations – Cities:

1. New York
2. Sydney
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Paris
5. San Francisco
6. London
7. Buenos Aires
8. Tokyo
9. Hong Kong
10. Melbourne
11. LA + West Hollywood
12. Amsterdam
13. Sao Paulo
14. Barcelona
15. Las Vegas
16. Cancun
17. Mexico City
18. Cape Town
19. Rome
20. Berlin

What is your top LGBT destination you want to visit?

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