Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brazil hosts world's largest gay pride parade.

SAO PAULO - MILLIONS of people danced and marched down the main avenue of Brazil's most populous city on Sunday in an event billed as the world's largest Gay Pride parade.

'Love one another. Enough with homophobia!' was the overall theme of the parade, which included men and women dressed in colorful feathered costumes, transvestite samba dancers, and drag queens wearing a multitude of rainbow outfits.

An enormous rainbow flag, symbol of the gay rights movement, stretched for nearly a block and was carried aloft by the crowd.

Men in swimsuits danced to blaring techno music on floats decked with multi-color balloon arrangements that slowly made their way down the crowded streets.

Organisers said that more than four million people participated in the event, which has previously made it into the Guiness Book of Records as the largest Gay Pride celebration in the world.

Participants were celebrating the approval of same-sex marriage in New York state on Friday, as well as a Brazilian Supreme Court ruling in May in favor of civil unions.

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