Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gay Russian Flight Attendant Forced To Marry A Woman To Keep Job



A gay flight attendant says Russia's leading airline forced him into a heterosexual marriage to keep his job.

No, this isn't our pitch for a for a shitty rom-com, it's Maxim Kupreev's real life.

The 25-year-old flight attendant claims that when he tried to found a gay support network at the airline, Aeroflot, the company heads shut it down.

A spokesperson for the airline said they didn't need an LBGT group because:

"One should separate personal and professional life."

Yet, that's not what happened a year later when Aeroflot gave him a really weird ultimatum to either marry his high school girlfriend beard, Sofia Mikhailova or lose his job.

That's not fair to ANYONE!! Especially not Sofia (even though she gets 10% off the flights now) because she was already married! Where are the family values in that??

Aeroflot is insane.

Gay activists in Russia are planning to ask air passengers to boycott Aeroflot and not to use its services until the creation of equal conditions for all workers. We fully support this boycott!!

If you are planing a trip near Russia PLEASE do not travel with Aeroflot!

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