Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Other Famous Beach - Queen's Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii

By James from HawaiiGayTours.com

QUEEN'S BEACH- Honolulu, Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach!  The famous beach known worldwide. How nice it is to see a postcard perfect beach with perfect ocean waves, palm trees lining the beach walk and golden sand. 

On any given day you will see beach mats of people after people enjoying the sand, the smell of coconut or jasmine suntan lotion wafting through the air, so many languages being heard like a tower of babel. I walk down to the shore, dodging small kids and their beach balls, the warm sea invites me to get my feet wet.

I walk on another famous section of the beach called "Queens Beach",  famously known as the gay beach. Looking above the beach in the shaded patch of green in the park one could see the stalwart gays, seemingly desperate to claim their shrinking territory. Speedos which are a bit lower, revealing things for those who can reveal something, and an array of pink colored whatevers. Sounds of “go girl” and voices of "miss bitch" entertain the other guys lounging in their space.

I run into the sea, and with a sudden burst of energy, swim and swim for a few moments until my feet can not touch the sea floor. Looking around me I feel a wonderful sense of my own private oasis and tranquility, I can see palm trees, a pink colored hotel, and many tall buildings. I feel far away from all the din of the beach shore The feeling of gentle waves rubbing against my body, with every rhythmic flow, invites me to swim more. Who can resist such an invitation? Before you know it I am enjoying one of the most crowded beaches around - all by myself!

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