Monday, June 4, 2012

Tour Los Angeles with Star Maps by Josh Flagg

By Jeremy Bryant

Star Maps App by Josh Flagg

Ever dream of visiting L.A. and seeing where the star's live? Well thanks to author and celebrity realistate agent Josh Flagg, from Bravo's TV show "Million Dollar Listing" there's an app for that. Flagg's ingenious idea takes the popular concept of star maps from the streets of Los Angeles and brings it to your phone and tablet allowing you to create your own customized guided tour to see the homes of your favorite Hollywood stars.  

Most Popular SearchesMap out your own customizable celebrity tour route.Tour celebrity homes with Star Maps by Josh Flagg

Compared to the traditional star maps you'd find on the streets or even one of those star tour vans that drive you around, Star Maps by Josh Flagg only costs $0.99 for the download and you get to guide your own tour. Just type in the name of your favorite celebrities whose homes you want to see and the app tells you where to go and how to get there. 

Star Maps users can access an extensive database of thousands of stars' homes, top-notch GPS technology, and tons of interesting facts and photos. All information is backed by years of public records, which guarantees that all the information is accurate... unlike the maps found on the streets. 

So, what celebrity's home would you want to see? Download the Star Maps app by Josh Flagg today and start your tour today. 

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