Tuesday, April 22, 2014

with Reality TV Stars Rachel Reilly & Ryan Allen Carrillo


Celebrity News, reality TV stars host and produce talk show about reality TV. The show is 100% socially interactive and is filmed like a mixture of a reality show, a talk show, and a magazine. The show encourages viewers to post pictures, feedback, video, and comments which air live on the screen. The first of it's kind a show all about reality TV. Reality TV is taking over our TVs and now there is an outlet 100% for it. 

Current racer on CBS' "The Amazing Race" All-Stars and "Big Brother 13" winner, Rachel Reilly has joined forces with Ryan Allen Carrillo of ABC's "Expedition Impossible" to give you the dish on all things reality TV.
"Reality Relapse" is the newest comedy talk show addition to the Bite Size TV family. "Reality Relapse" is also the first of it's kind, a talk show all about reality TV. Covering events, red carpets, premieres, finales, reality TV gossip, and reality TV news.

Rachel and Ryan are reality TV experts, they've lived it, they love it and they want to gossip about it with you! Between the two of them they have over 434 hours of network reality TV experience! You can catch them LIVE on Thursdays via www.bitesizeTV.com. You can follow them via @bitesizeTV - @RachelEReilly - @RyanACarrillo.

We got to talk with Ryan and Rachel about Reality Relapse and traveling.

How did you both meet? 

Rachel:  Ryan and I fell in love over chair speeches and dance parties! We met at a charity event called reality rally, benefiting breast cancer and became fast friends. 

Ryan:  I never saw Rachel on Big Brother, only on her first round on The Amazing Race.  I was a huge fan and we connected at a “reality star” charity event.  I knew we had to be friends.  What Rachel means when she says chair speeches involves some liquor and lots of toasts.  Don’t ask… LOL

Who is more competitive, Ryan or Rachel?


Ryan:  Well we have never really competed against each other… I say we are both crazy competitive… hoping to one day have that change. 

What is Reality Relapse about?

Rachel:  Reality Relapse is the first ever all reality talk show by reality, about reality, we cover your favorite reality TV shows--finales premieres red carpets events, we spill the tea so you know whats going on. 

Ryan:  Reality Relapse is the first show of its kind.  Its a full 44 minute talk show that covers everything related to reality TV.  We bring on the biggest stars and get the inside scoop to some of the hottest stories.  www.bitesizetv.com

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