Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reversal: Agency resumes rejecting green-card aps from same-sex couples


WASHINGTON – In a blow to the LGBT community, the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services on Wednesday resumed its policy of automatically rejecting green-card applications from same-sex spouses who are foreigners.

Last month, the Obama administration said the policy was unconstitutional, and the bureau put it on hold for more than a week.

But Wednesday, the bureau said in a statement that it had received guidance from the administration to continue to enforce the policy.

Gay rights groups expressed dismay at the turn of events, because many, including Immigration Equality, had hailed the temporary hold as a step in the right direction.

Same-sex couples do not share the same rights as straight couples when it comes to immigration issues. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which the president and many legal scholars call discriminatory and unconstitutional, bars equal standing for gay couples.

Escape your winter blues with a gay European summer


Europe’s gay summer is only just beginning — so what better time to visit one of the many Gay Pride festivals happening this year across Europe’s coolest cities?

In the coming five weeks the Sydney Star Observer and Lufthansa/Austrian will introduce you to the best places to visit to experience the gay social scene and night life, and Gay Pride celebrations all over Europe.

With Mardi Gras been and gone, why not let Lufthansa take you to one of the many gay celebrations across Europe this year? Lufthansa takes you there.

Be part of the parade in Berlin, visit the colorful Life Ball in Vienna or jump on the party boat in Amsterdam.

And what is known as a Gay Pride festival in the rest of Europe is known as Christopher Street Day in Germany and Switzerland — commemorating the Stonewall Riots that took place on Christopher St in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1969.

For those looking to party less and explore more, then discover Eastern Europe with Austrian Airlines and discover what gay life is like in cities like Prague, Budapest, St Petersburg or Moscow.

Want to know the best ways to travel Europe, combine multiple cities into your trip and have a safe time? The Sydney Star Observer and Lufthansa/Austrian will give you the tips and tricks you need to know.

* May 10 – 12 & 14 Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Düsseldorf, Germany
* May 21 Life Ball 2011, Vienna, Austria
* June 1 – 12 EuroPride Roma 2011, Italy
* June 16 – 19 Zurich Pride Festival 2011, Switzerland
* June 18 – 28 Barcelona Pride, Spain
* June 25 Christopher Street Day, Berlin, Germany
* June 25 Gay Pride Paris, France
* July 1 – 3 Cologne Pride, Germany
* July 1 – 3 Madrid Pride, Spain
* July 2 London Gay Pride Parade
* July 9 – 10 Christopher Street Day, Munich, Germany
* July 20 – 24 Eurogames 2011, Rotterdam, Netherlands
* July 29 – 31 Christopher Street Day, Frankfurt, Germany
* August 4 – 7 Amsterdam Gay Pride, Netherlands
* August 6 – 14 Brighton and Hove Summer Pride, Brighton, England

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Richard Simmons is gayer than ever for Air New Zealand

via Unicornbooty

Richard Simmons is doing the safety video for Air New Zealand, and we can only imagine the reaction that straight people are going to have watching this video before every flight. The double entendres are almost too much for even us gays to bear.

He’s also looking a little bit ragged…his hair is wild and crazy, and his outfits are bright, tight and out-of-sight. For real though, we are not really sure what is going on in this video, but it is certainly memorable. It’s racking up the views, and is well on its way to being a viral hit.

“Let’s kick butt!…The only way is upppppppp!”

“Come on everyone, let’s pony!”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! OK, this one is growing on us…we’re fit to fly!

Delayed? Cyndi is here to help!

By Bobby Laurie via

In a true expression of her personality and craziness, when Cyndi Lauper was delayed out of a Buenos Aires airport she decided to help calm the angry passengers.


Well by singing of course! She grabbed the public address microphone and took to the airwaves. No pun intended. Take a look:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you spend more time shopping for flights than actually flying?

With the vast number of options and constantly moving ticket prices, many travelers spend long hours looking for the perfect combination of flight time and total cost.
In fact, a new survey conducted by a division of the IBM Corporation found that some passengers actually spend more time choosing the right flight than actually flying.

Of more than 2,000 business and leisure travelers surveyed in the study, nearly 20 percent spent at least five hours shopping for and booking a flight. While business travelers typically purchased their tickets faster, nearly 40 percent of them spent at least two hours on the total process, according to the survey.

"There is now so much content and big data that people have to shop and shop and shop," said Brian O'Rourke, global airline leader for IBM's Global Business Services.
The survey also found that 57 percent of travelers can pinpoint differences in service between airlines, but only 41 percent would pay more to fly on their favorite airline.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New luxury hotel on Riviera Maya caters to gay couples

The Adonis Tulum Hotel plans to open later this month near the Tulum archaeological zone on the Riviera Maya.

The 94-suite property will cater exclusively to gay male couples, according to Patrick Lurenz, general director.

The property, which is now in the last remodeling phase before opening its doors, is the first establishment of its kind in the state of Quintana Roo.

In December 2009, the Mexico City legislative assembly approved same-sex unions.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Travel Ideas for Couples

Are you thinking of one romantic way to show your partner how much you love him or her? Why not surprise him or her with a fantastic getaway gift to one or some of the most beautiful places in the world. Maybe, you can buy two plane tickets and bring him or her to his or her favorite tourist destination or to some place, he or she has never been. If you want some travel ideas to surprise your one and only love, then maybe you can find this article helpful for you. Below are some travel ideas you might want to consider.

• If you and your partner love to go mountaineering, hiking, skiing, camping or fishing, you can try several beautiful places. Himalayas and the Alps Mountain is a good place for your trekking and hiking escapades.

• If you love animals, especially the wildlife, then a Safari trip in Africa is a good idea for the both of you.

• If you want privacy in an island, you can try the pink beaches in Bermuda. This Atlantic island will offer you the best spring or autumn getaway while you stay in their pastel houses near the shining white sand beaches.

• If you want to try cruising, then we recommend a river cruise. Yes, you can cruise the river. This can be the most romantic and luxurious experience you can get from a vacation. If you want to feel the royalty experience where you will be the king and the queen and you have people to follow your commands, then a good river cruise vacation may offer you that. This is the perfect getaway if you want to be alone with your special someone.

If you really want to experience the best vacation ever with your very special someone, then be certain that no work or other problems will bother your vacation. Moreover, travel light. Do not carry very big luggage, they are just extra hassle for your trip. Make sure that you do your best to make this getaway trip the happiest trip you and your partner will ever have.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pack Properly

Generally speaking if your luggage has an “expandable” section, don’t use it!

Most of the time the portion of your luggage which expands will catch on the top of the overhead bin during boarding and cause your bag not to fit. At that point you either have two options, unpack what’s cause the bag to not fit and fit it into your smaller carry-on item or check your bag.

Avoid the hassle, don’t expand anything unless you’re 100% sure your bag will fit.

Written by: Bobby Laurie via

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enter to win a weekend getaway in Las Vegas!

Every person who enters the Weekend Getaway Vegas Sweepstakes will automatically be entered to win the grand prize: a weekend in Las Vegas. The winner will receive 2 free round trip tickets (a value up to $200 per person, total value cannot exceed $400*) and a free 3 day (2 night) stay at the all-male Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas.

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The Blue Moon Resort is located just three blocks west of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip! Offering 45 tastefully designed rooms and suites, the Blue Moon provides a private get away unlike any other gay resort.

The sweepstakes runs from March 1st - 31st. The winners will be drawn on April 6th, 2011.

Good luck!