Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Virgin America Now Servicing Palm Springs

The expansion of Virgin America’s network continues. Palm Springs is the latest destination to be added, and to get things started Virgin is selling discounted flights out of San Francisco and New York. There’s also another standard Virgin deal running in conjunction with this one – all details are at the Virgin website.

Until this Friday (September 23), return flights to Palm Springs start at $198 from San Francisco and $398 from New York (with a stopover in SF, but you don’t have to leave the plane). These discounted flights are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and are good for travel from December 15 through February 15. There’s a blackout period between Christmas and New Years, however.

Virgin’s advertised prices are $10 or $20 cheaper than the competition on these two Palm Springs routes, depending on availability of course. Beyond Virgin, there’s a pretty flat price range, and you’ll pay roughly the same to fly to Palm Springs with any of the major airlines. If you’re nowhere near San Francisco or New York, our comparison database allows you to find the cheapest Palm Springs flights from your local airport.

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