Monday, August 27, 2012

Las Vegas gets Gayer!

By Jeremy Bryant

Las Vegas recently welcomed the opening of a new gay nightclub, SHARE which opened in November of 2011. SHARE Nightclub is a bar and ultra lounge that spans 2 floors offering everything your queer hearts desire. From boys, drinks, music, dancing, and more boys, SHARE creates a night you’ll never forget. 

SHARE Nightclub features a modern and hip nightclub downstairs and upstairs that every guest can enjoy. The luxury and privacy of the SHARE Ultra Lounge and bar located on the second floor is a welcoming retreat from the dance floor. With unique dance floor encased by couches, tables, and VIP cabanas, club goers can keep a full view of the dance floor at all times. Oh, and let’s not forget the GoGo dancers everywhere! 

While most of the Vegas gay bar scene is located around the “fruit loop” area off Paradise Road, the location of SHARE is relatively close to the Strip just West of the 15 Freeway off West Tropicana Avenue. It’s recommend to either take a cab or drive over.

SHARE Nightclub is transforming the gay scene in Vegas and doing a great job at it. Need a gay night out in Las Vegas? SHARE Nightclub is located 4636 Wynn Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103. 

For more information about SHARE Nightclub, follow on Facebook & Twitter or visit their website.



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