Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gay Friendly

What does it mean to be gay friendly? A lot of companies today are using the term gay-friendly, but why? What does this mean?

Gay friendly is a term used which refers to places, policies, people, or institutions that actively seek to create an environment friendly towards LGBT people. Often the term gay friendly is used to attract the LGBT consumer in showing that it is accepting of LGBT people.

The problem is that this term just continues to degrade what the LGBT community has continuously fought against. Why is it that business' don't use the term "black friendly?" The reason is because that would seem offensive. Right? Well the same can be said for gay friendly.

Some people may argue that by labeling a place gay friendly it enables the LGBT consumer to identify which place, policy, people, or institution is accepting of LGBT people. I totally understand that, and I think that is a great thing, however why is it only within the LGBT community that this exists?

I think the time has come to stop discriminating against the LGBT community. There needs to be a U.S. law that enforces the fairness and equality to all, no matter race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, etc... Especially now that we have a new President in Obama, who should stand for all people.

This is America, a country that was founded on equality for all.

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